Efficient communication is a must for any successful company

Help your employees to be more efficient. Give them the contacts they need.

Usual situation in companies

  • Missing standardized contact management.
  • Contacts are on intranet, spreadsheet or nowhere.
  • Everyone has access to the same contact list.
  • Contacts have to be manually added to the phone.
  • Contacts will forever remain in employees' phone.

Modern approach

  • Integration with Office 365, G Suite and Slack.
  • All in one place in intuitive administration.
  • Set custom permissions and roles.
  • Automatically sync with your phone.
  • Contacts are removed after collaboration ended.

I’m interested!

Enter the new era

  1. Set up in a blink of an eye

    Create groups to affect who can see who. Contacts placed in the same group will see each other by default.

    Set up in a blink of an eye
  2. Fine-grained permissions

    Additionaly you can alter permission rules for each group. Reduce or extend reach of every one of them.

    Fine-grained permissions
  3. Sync to mobile devices

    Our Android and iOS mobile apps will ensure that all of your contacts are always up to date.

    Sync to mobile devices

Your company is safe with us

  • All data encrypted in transit over public networks using TLS.
  • All data is stored in highly secured AWS data centers.
  • OpenID Connect based SSO.
  • JWT tokens signed with asymmetric keys.
  • Quantum resistant security even for mobile app.

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